6 money-saving tips for your wedding flowers

6 money-saving tips for your wedding flowers

Just like any aspect of wedding planning, the wedding flowers may turn to any bride’s nightmare. With so many options available (don’t even get me started on Pinterest boards) it is easy to go over your budget and struggle cutting other costs only to fit your wedding flowers back in it.

Luckily for you, we are here to help! Don’t turn your wedding flowers budget into an overpriced fiasco. Just use our 6 money-saving tips for your wedding flowers and we guarantee you fabulous flower arrangements at a reasonable price:

  1. Repurpose

Why enjoy your ceremony flowers only until you say “I do” when you can reuse them in so many ways? Discuss with your florist the possible repurposing of your ceremony flowers. With a little effort and a touch of creativity they can be used for the reception as well – as wedding cake table decoration, buffet arrangements or even as bridesmaid bouquets!

  1. Get your flowers for free

Well, it won’t exactly cost you nothing but if you choose a wedding venue that has a naturally floral setting, this could save you tons of money on flower decoration! Simply ask the venue when their outdoor space looks most fabulous and blooming and plan your wedding accordingly.

  1. Improvise

Who said flower arrangements should be… floral? You can opt for less expensive greenery alternatives to pricey blooms or even go the extra mile and have non-plant centerpieces. These can be shells, candles, feathers or anything you find appropriate for your wedding theme or wedding season.

  1. Choose in-season flowers

Flowers are living plants and, as such, have their high and low seasons (read, cheap and expensive price tags). When discussing your flower options with your florist, mention that you want flowers whose naturally blooming period coincides with your wedding month. If you opt for local flowers, you will cut even more flower costs! Who is the smart bride? You are!

  1. Trust your florist

Your florist probably has way much more experience dealing with flower arrangements than you have. Once you’ve given them your ideas and inspirational photos, just trust their professionalism and expertise and simply let them do their magic with your set budget in mind.

  1. Embrace the DIY approach

If you are planning a wedding on a tight budget, taking care of your wedding flowers by yourself will be just another DIY area to cover. Take the easy way out – ask a friend or a family member who knows their way with arts and crafts and let them show off their flower arrangement skills. To save money, get your wedding flowers from a local wholesaler of directly from a flower farm.

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